Electric Clothes and Shoe Dryer Hanger Rack

  • ★ [Hanger-type dryer, 1 role, 2 roles] The hanger functions as it is, and it also functions as a dryer. There is also an air duct for shoes that can be used for both drying clothes and drying shoes. 
  • ★ [Hot Air / Natural Wind Mode / Timing Function] Compared with other types, FERRYONE products are equipped with a multifunction panel. It is possible to switch between convenient hot and natural wind modes. 
  • ★ [Overheat protection / Silent / Energy saving] The built-in overheat protection function will automatically stop with overheat protection when it overheats due to blockage of the air vent, etc. Please use it safely. 
  • ★ [Lightweight, compact, easy to use] The body is about 320g, and it is only about 500g even with four air ducts added. The air duct for clothes and shoes can be removed and the hook can be lowered, making it compact and easy to carry around when traveling or traveling.
  • ★ [Material / Packing Contents / After-sales Service] Material: ABS Packaging Contents: Body * 1, Clothing Air Duct * 2 (Left / Right), Shoes Air Duct * 2 (Left / Right), English Instruction Manual * 1 1 from date of purchase There is an annual warranty service. Note:


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