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10 Creative Wall Decoration ideas+Styles+Guide

The decoration of the wall plays a big role when working with the design of the room. You can decorate all the walls with pastoral tones wallpaper, create their nice backdrop for unusual furniture and accessories, or you can decorate one of the walls with textured plaster or a plot application. Depending upon your taste choice and financial condition. Let’s look at the most popular tricks that designers use when decorating an apartment. Find more articles here

Living room wall decoration:

To many people the living room is considered as a place in which the home should have a cozy atmosphere of comfort and satisfaction. There are also people who like something young, bright and vibrant. Using a special type of finishing material, you can create the right wall design and create a special mood in the room.

Room Decorating Ideas for a girl

To decorate your child’s room very carefully it is important that the interior promotes the development of fantasy and good taste. An important role is played not only by the walls and furniture, but also by the ceiling for a girl or boy in the nursery. It is a place where a little man sees, sleeps and wakes, its design greatly affects the atmosphere in the room. By the way, the decorative design of the ceiling space can effectively emphasize that the little mistress in this room is a girl, not a man. On several examples, we will show you how you can stylishly decorate the top of your little princess’s room.

Roof decoration

Continuous fabric and gypsum board surfaces can be decorated with different images. For example, drawings in the form of clear skies of blue, instead of flowers, bright butterflies were always popular in the design of the ceiling in the children’s room in the child’s room. Often such rooms are found in the image printing, where the characters are using forest dwellers or fairy tale characters. Therefore, according to the taste of the little mistress, you have all the possibilities of admission to make an individual in the house of daughters

Kitchen Wall Décor:

The wall cover for kitchen should be water resistant and easy to clean. Wallpapers and fabrics are used very sparingly. Instead, they use a slab, stone, plastic panel. Let’s consider each type of decoration.

Walls Decoration with fabric

A beautiful dress on the wall reminiscent of the ancient interior, with palaces, tubes, sheets and jockeys. To finish, you must use flexible, pollution-resistant fabrics based on flax, cotton, viscose or wool. Decorating can be done in two ways: throw the fabric on the frame and attach to the wall or attach the walls directly to the wall

Decorate the walls with wallpaper:

The wallpaper is selected in contrast to the size of the room and the light. In a small dark living room it is necessary to choose light colored wallpaper with a small floral or geometric pattern. Bad canvas with vertical stripe do not look. For spacious rooms with high ceilings, you can use a talisman of saturated colors with massive expression patterns. If you want a noticeable addition to the interior then paint the front wallpaper with beautiful wallpaper.

Wall decoration with plaster:

With the help of texture plaster you can recreate the texture of the stone, the skin and recreate the unusual patterns. If the house has unusual walls, they are completely visible by the “cool” plaster of orange color. If desired, you can use a coating with a beaded effect, which will make the living room more beautiful.

Wall decoration with moldings:

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Molding is a three-dimensional profile, which is decorated with conical and embroidered decorative elements. The ceiling can be attached to baguettes or the entire wall area. Molding can also be crafted with important decorative elements, such as family photos, panels or tapestries.

Decorate the walls with stones and bricks:

Uses natural stone and panels for finishing, brick working. Thanks to them, the kitchen acquires a slightly, rustic look. Designers call this style “prunes” or “country”.
Decorate the walls with paint . In the kitchen you can use water-based, alkyd or polyurethane paint. The color of the walls should be selected in a row with furniture or appliances.
Ceramic tile . It can be used for lining the walls and functional area above the stove. The tiles look very beautiful and easy to maintain.

More Ideas:

In addition to the methods listed, wall painting and application are also used. The decoration of the walls with stars cartoons stickers cut out of black paper looks very beautiful. you can create an interesting 3D attractive effect on the wall.

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